2012 AREAEB President’s Message


One in every 563 housing units received a foreclosure filing nationally in October 2011 according to RealtyTrac national real estate trends. California has the second highest foreclosure rate in the nation. The real estate market is still not improving.

In this difficult time, Realtors and other real estate professionals are vital by providing the service of highest standard to help facilitate the buy-sell process of real estate transactions. The Asian Real Estate Association of the East Bay Inc. (“AREAEB ᾿ strives to provide a platform for real estate licensees and related professionals in the East Bay to improve their quality of services.

AREAEB brings real estate licensees, banker, title and escrow offices and other related professionals together to our bi-monthly mixers. We share laughter, build camaraderie, share hard learned lessons and experiences in our daily work. We also network and explore business opportunities while enjoying foods and beverages at mixers.

Through bi-monthly seminars, we enrich our knowledge by learning new law, marketing tools, technology, business strategy, and simply learning from one another.

My goals in 2012 are to increase the membership and motivate more realtors and related professionals to get involved in our activities. One of the main purposes of AREAEB is to continually increase, improve and distribute our knowledge and expertise to our clients, associates and fellow members so as to better serve our local communities. We can only do that by incorporating more professionals into our organization and events. I highly encourage you to become our member so that we can grow together.

Realtors and related professionals will equip and facilitate the recovery of the real estate market. AREAEB will provide a network and platform to allow us to stand by and support our colleagues. I am confident that 2012 will be prosperous and future years even better. You should, too. Have a great year ahead. Thank you.

Wai Lok Tang, President 2012