2014 AREAEB President’s Message


I am greatly honored, and at the same time humbled, to be chosen to lead the Asian Real Estate Association of the East Bay for the coming twelve months.

As a banker who has been actively involved in the financing of real estate, I shall do my best to leverage my banking resources to bring an additional dimension to AREAEB’s mission of assisting, servicing and educating the East Bay Asian community on real estate issues.

With the U.S. economic recovery in full swing, and the increased influx of Asian investment capital targeted for real estate, 2014 will be an exciting, yet challenging year for real estate professionals. It would offer our real estate professionals an opportunity for growth in their scope of activities and expertise, as well as business volume. It is time for AREAEB to step up its involvement in the community to support help the real estate buying public and to provide support to our fellow real estate professionals. I shall work closely with the AREAEB Board to bring about more educational and business networking opportunities for our members as well as the general public.

Having served on the Board of AREAEB in the past two years, I am immensely impressed by the dedication and cohesiveness of the members of the Board. Our Board members are true professionals who are relentless and selfless in helping to advance the cause of the organization. Working with the support of the Board and all our membership, I am fearless in taking the organization to new heights.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous 2014!

Flora Look, President 2014